Clutch winner and another one (just for you)

The winner of the gorgeous salmon clutch is Julie M. She’s been emailed. And Courtney from Columbus will be joining us on our VOA thrift shuffle.

Now, you didn’t think I only had one clutch, did you?

This is a cute litte Zebra clutch I found at the VOA. The material is some type of vinyl, I think.

Which means it will always look brand new. 

You could actually use it as a wallet and a clutch. Or is this a wallet?

Either way, it’s absolutely adorable and all yours (if you’re lucky).

Just leave a comment and I’ll randomly choose a winner. Also, to all of you who have snagged a new leaf necklace from the Etsy store. Thank you! And watch for a note from me on delivery estimation.




  1. Super Cute!! Did you know that Goodwill has an ebay-esque store? It’s I love it and have found some super cute finds on there!!

  2. I had one almost identical to this one and I used it so long it just owre out! I love love love this! Why don;t my stores habe any of these good finds?

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