When I’m not riding…

Yes, I ride a motorcycle. But most of the time I’m doing other things. Like having a dude’s day last Sunday– just me and the boys.

Playing with remote control airplanes that Uncle Ben bought

Flying toy planes

Going back around the block to show Cohen and Benjamin Darth Van, the Automobile Menace

Darth Van, the Automobile Menace (Star Wars van)

Bribing them with bacon double cheeseburgers to get them into Whole Paycheck Whole Foods so I can get a few groceries.

boys smiling in Whole Foods

Oh, and taking pictures while my brother fishes that plane out of the tree.

toy plane stuck in a tree

Of course, there’s laundry to do, lunches to pack, dogs to walk, leather bags to make. All the ordinary chores that go along with a family of 5. But days like this make it all worth it.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



6 Responses to When I’m not riding…
  1. Allison Reply

    Awesome! I just blew off housework to play a few mean games of Old Maid with my kids.

    • seth Reply

      That’s great! :) Lily always beats me at UNO. Always.

  2. Mel B Reply

    I was wondering if you make the leather bags and sell them online somewhere? You should link to your store on the sidebar. Just an idea. Your bags looks amazing. :). Also, yes Whole Foods should definitely be referred to as Whole Oayvheck. That’s a much better name!

    • seth Reply

      Thanks! I’m going to put this one up on Etsy (and we’ll link to it). I’m also going to take it around to some local shops to see if any would be interested in selling it.

  3. Valerie Reply

    Ugh, that van lives in my neighborhood. I always joke about our property value falling because of it!

    • seth Reply

      Ha!!! Wonder how much they’ve spent on that thing.

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