Weekend Soundtrack #1

There is an incredible amount of amazing music made every day. Sometimes you have to dig for it though.

To save you the trouble of digging, I’ll post my 5 favorite tracks of the week here each Friday morning, for Beauty and the Biker’s Weekend Soundtrack.

In no particular order,¬†here’s Beauty and the Biker’s Weekend Soundtrack #1

“Roll The Bones” by Shakey Graves
Shakey Graves is Alejandro Rose-Garcia. This badass, dirty-blues-guitar-picking, one-man-band (plays a kick drum built into a suitcase and a tambourine with his feet), hails from Austin. The video below is of Roll The Bones, but really any song by this guy is fucking rad. He’s got a couple albums recorded & for sale, and they’re good. But the real treat are the live performances. The albums are intimate and intricate. The live performance is like Johnny Cash and Jim Morrison hanging out with Justin Townes Earle drinking whiskey, shooting guns, and playing guitar with the bullets. Music snob part: tempo changes, dynamics, storytelling, blazingly-tasty guitar picking.

“Trouble Around My Soul” by Tumbling Bones
Old-timey music. Might wanna play this one on Sunday morning while you’re sipping your extra-spicy Bloody Mary.

“Weather Balloons” by Sons of Fathers
When I was living in Texas, I found the most perfect, amazing place: Kent Finlay’s Songwriter Circle at Cheatham Street Warehouse. But that’s a story for another time. Anyway, I’d met Paul & David (and Regan and Dees!) plenty of times before, but they’d always just been doing their own thing. One night, Paul & David got up on stage and sang a new song they’d written together called Weather Balloons. As soon as they sang that slow, sliding harmony, everybody in the place was (more) hooked (than usual). Music snob stuff: stellar, whimsical songwriting mixed with melodies, counter melodies, and harmonies that’ll make your ears sing along even if you’re tone deaf.

“The Ancestor” by Darlingside
If you don’t tear up even a little bit when watching this video, you’re probably a robot. Like me. But, seriously, this is the most beautiful song/video I’ve heard/seen in a really long time. Music snob stuff: gorgeous harmonies, interesting melodic phrasing, and kick-ass storytelling make this song a standout.

“All I Know” by Matt The Electrician
Matt is a friend of some friends. Never met him. But, goddamn, whenever I’m mad at the world and convinced it’s populated by assholes, I play this video. And smile. Music snob stuff: an Americana & Texas Country milkshake with a healthy heap of homemade of pop sensibilities on top. So good.

This Weekend Soundtrack is heavy on the Texas Country. But that’s just cuz there’s so much amazing music down there! If you have suggestions for future Beauty and the Biker Weekend Soundtracks, fire away in the comments below.

Happy listening!


A note about the music: if you like what you hear, please support the artist and buy some of their shit. CDs, vinyl, shirts, live shows. Pay for something. If you see content on here that you think is violating the copyright law, please contact us and the material will be removed.

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  1. Ummm, a fantastic treat. Looking forward to more….nothing better than a song to sing loudly to over the weekend. Really liked Matt the Electrician, put some of his songs on my Spotify playlist for the week.

  2. I’ve been listening to Darlingside’s stellar album ever since I saw them live last month in New Hampshire. Thanks for including them here. Been a fan of Shakey Graves for awhile…wish he would wander a little farther north so I could see him live. Thanks for the great songs!

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