The new, new leaf necklace

This is just a sneak peek. But while sick with a sinus infection and doing way too much couch surfing during my staycation, I hunted for the pieces and parts to create the new, new leaf necklace.

The charms and the chains came Saturday and I practically ripped the box open and got to work.

The result are these two variations of the same necklace, but with varying charms. You will be able to choose the charms you would like and the chain – both are silver and 18″ in length. As for the charms… I added a swallow (symbolizing freedom after a destructive relationship), one larger silver leaf (to represent you, the mama) and teeny, tiny leaves (to represent your babies) and finally, I added a heart (symbolizing the love you will find in your second marriage or possibly in your relationship with yourself).

There are so many charm options so you can pick and choose, adding what you want now and building on your charm necklace later. Or, you can buy the charms only. This means the necklace price will range from as low as $28.00 to as high as $65.00 +.

I couldn’t wait to share the sneak peek pictures with you.

As soon as I can, I’ll be posting these to a new Etsy shop (also made while couch surfing). The shop will feature the necklaces and also all of my vintage thrift finds.

Until then, what do you think? Any other charms or symbols I should add?



20 Responses to The new, new leaf necklace
  1. Layla Reply

    Love, love, love the design! Can I order one now?!
    Ps. I like the chain on the left better. It’s a little more feminine.

  2. Suzanne Bastien Reply

    I Love, Love, Love… I have the original that I bought when I was single, and now I’m going to request this new one now that I’m remarried. Can we get enough tiny leaves to signify ALL our kids? (I’ve got 7, can they be bought separately?)

  3. Lindsey Jacobs Reply

    Love them!! Already have your first two though… (you can never have too many necklaces I say!)

  4. Ashley M Reply

    So beautiful! I’m excited to order one! What a great meaning behind the charms!

  5. ReRee81 Reply

    Love this! Personally the bird means a lot to me as well since I have a tattoo of a dove and after the birth of my son, I added a small one flying w it symbolizing us both. =) and agree, the chain on the left is my preference. Can’t wait to get mine!

  6. Christine S. Reply


  7. mum2cole Reply

    LOVE! Let me know if I can post to the Alone Together group on FB.

    • alaina Reply

      Yes, of course you can!

  8. Layla Reply

    I meant to say that I like the circle cut out dove better too! I like the solid background that it adds to the other charms. :)

  9. Ann Marie Bucci Reply

    I love it and can’t wait to order one! :-)

  10. Lauran Reply

    So great!

  11. Amy Reply

    Well done Alaina, gorgeous charms!

  12. michelle Reply

    well done! can’t wait to drop a hint for a Christmas gift to my new, new improved man!

  13. Jamie Reply

    Beautiful! I can’t wait to order one.

  14. Ann Reply

    I love it! I will give me this for my birthday

  15. Lynn J Reply

    I would love to order one with two leaves and the actual dove charm and the thinner chain.
    They are lovely and I love the symbolism too!
    Thank you!
    Lynn J

  16. Tracy Reply

    I would like to order two necklaces please. The first one with two leaves and the sparrow charm. The second with one leaf and the sparrow charm (for a friend of mine). Please msg me with the details of how to order.
    Thank you,

  17. Somer Williamson Reply

    Are you still making these?

  18. sarahdennis12013Sarah Dennis Reply

    I would love one of these!!! I do not see how to order!! help!

  19. K Reply

    How can I buy one of these?

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