Step-brothers or brothers?

It’s hard to tell anymore.

They love each other like brothers and they fight like brothers.

This bout in the thrift store ended with Cohen throwing punches at Benjamin and me shouting from the register for them to “cut it out!” That’s what happens when you’re two months apart, the same size and when you know exactly how to set each other off.

Seth spent an entire day, today – a Saturday – out at a concealed carry class. And after one day straight with them, alone, I feel completely exhausted and drained of any will to live. I would rather be in the office working any day. Call me a rotten mom or an evil step-mother, but I could never, ever be a stay at home mom (or dad) and I commend all of you who are.

A few things to share:

1. Our Holiday card to all of you. Smiles guaranteed.
2. And, a fantastic behavior app for kids called Beep Boop. Give the kids a beep or a boop, tally them up at the end of the day – reward accordingly. Seth and I’s apps are completely synced so we don’t have to add the points in our head and share later. Love it and highly recommend to all of you mamas out there, who may – like me – be a tad exhausted.

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  1. Nakia Reply

    I went and downloaded that app after I saw your IG pic. OMG, we love it already. Makes it so much easier to keep up on behavior rewards/consequences when we’re away from the house (and behavior charts) all day.

    • alaina Reply

      Hooray! Or should I say – “Beep!”?

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