Shopping for Foster

Perhaps, one of the most exciting things about having a baby girl is shopping for said baby girl. One of my first reactions upon finding out we have a boy on the way was the thought of, “Damn, but what about those cute little ballerina shoes?”

But, having already had one Benjamin and far few pictures to tell the tale, I can say with authority there are just as many sweet and cute things for baby boys. Here are a few on my wish list for Foster. (Because he is really coming– something that is just now starting to hit me. 16 weeks to go…)

1. The sweetest tie shirt and leggings.


I discovered tights and leggings for baby boys when Benjamin was two or three. Foster will have them right from the start. Buy these cute ones here for $11.45. 

2. A baby blanket I would be envious of… 

Super soft baby blanket for boy

$42.00 on Etsy. Click here to purchase.

3. This Shits and Giggles onesie is hilarious. 

Shits and Giggles Onesie

Find it here on Etsy for $20.00.

4. Cutest sleepers ever.

Baby Boy Sleepers


All three available from for 15 pounds (or about $20.00 + $5.00 for shipping).

5. Bibs with the mostest. 

Cool baby boy bibs

These are ridiculously awesome. Must have them. $25.00 for all three on Etsy. 

Have any other cute boy things? Leave them in the comments!



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  1. Hi Aliana and Seth,
    First of all congratualtions on your pregnancy…. exciting!! I have never written a comment before, but have been following your blog.. from way back in your former life ;-). I am a grandmother (Australian) living near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I couldn’t help but give you a tip about an Etsy site in Estland.. the owner makes breastfeeding beads, from natural Woods. I guess the name Kangaroo Care appealed to me, and I thought they are fantastic. Just a tip!! Love the name Foster and I can read how excited you all are and how welcome he is, can’t wait to see the fotos, so I guess I will be following you for a lot longer. No problem!!

    Wishing you a fantastic pregnancy and a healhy baby,

    friendly greetings from Amsterdam,

    Pamela (aka. Super Nana)

  2. My SIL has a site on etsy called Playful Peanut. She has a lot of cute things too! Check it out if you like.
    Congrats on baby Foster! All the best for the next 16 weeks.

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