A surprise

He may have anticipated that one day he could love again. But I don’t think he ever expected to fall in love with her dog, too.




They’re made for each other, these two. Just another piece of our serendipity falling into place.



I love…

How he leaves the fluffy towel for me and takes the stiff one for himself.

How he never, ever complains about all of the cleaning and housework and general maintenance and upkeep of a family of five.

How he listens to every detail of my day and then offers constructive, positive advice.

How he looks at me in the morning.

How he holds me in the morning (and at night).

How he tells me he loves me every single day, over and over again. Just because.

How it still feels like we just met.

How he loves my son as much as his own.

How I would still marry him in a heartbeat if the opportunity came again.

How I have zero regrets when I am with him, there is no doubt that we are meant to be.

How I dreamt of him before I even knew him.

How I knew, in my heart, I would be happy single unless I found him.

How I refused to settle for anything less.




We can smell spring on the horizon, in spite of the four inches on the ground when we woke up to this morning.


Spring is there, on the horizon, waiting to begin.

Thanks to Seth, I sleep in now more often than not. On one such morning I woke up feeling Read More…

Sunday cleaning

We are cleaning.

This weekend it is the basement’s turn. There are piles of toys in need of purging. Last weekend, with the kids all at grandparent’s houses, Seth and I worked around the clock and made major progress on our room and the main level.

We live in a 1600 square foot house.

That is being generous and including the basement. While it was a mansion to Benjamin and I, it is a bit of a squeeze for the five of us (and one Archer). But, thanks to Ikea, Seth’s design sense and some serious purging (two trucks full), the house feels better than it ever has.

We are impatiently awaiting Spring and its warm breezes, sandals, fire pits and back yard grilling.

Here is a shot of our redecorated living room.


And now, I am off to the basement.

Any others have advice on blending households?



Did you change your last name?

After 10 months of marriage, I am considering changing my last name to Gray.


There are a few reasons I have not changed my name after re-marriage:

1. I never changed my name during my first marriage. Why? Honestly, after all of the green card and INS paper work I couldn’t bear the thought of more forms. And, as my long-time readers know, I realized only ten days in that my first marriage’s days were numbered. So why change my name?  Read More…

He’s making another bag.

hand making leather bag

And this one is for me. I can not wait.

I admit it.

I have been silently (and patiently) waiting for the work on this promised bag to begin. We had to survive back-to-back flus, Christmas and then more colds in the house. But now, he has the time and well, the bag has begun.

Or, I should say bags. Technically, he is making two identical bags. Cutting duplicate pieces as he goes. One is for me and the other will go up for sale in our Beauty and the Biker store.

I chose the design–a favorite featured in one of my fashion magazines last month and he’s duplicating it precisely, minus a few imperfections we have omitted.

Above is Phase II. He’s outlined the pieces, mapped out exactly how they will fall into place and now he’s about to cut that raw hide all up.

Yummy. Yummy.



If you missed Seth’s last handmade leather bag. Click here.

Maker Mondays – Smoking Goose Meatery

Maker Mondays is where I’ll show you some incredible people making even more incredible things, try to explain what makes their stuff so rad, and why you should care.

Today, meat… errr… meet Smoking Goose Meatery. We found Smoking Goose through Green Bean Delivery, the organic & local grocery delivery service we use. Side note: Green Bean Delivery is very competitively priced, sources locally wherever possible, and is ridiculously convenient. Check them out. Back to Smoking Goose Meatery: they had me at bacon.

Smoking Goose bacon

Then I found out they have Read More…

A truly modern family.

Benjamin has two Dads.

There’s his “real Dad” and his “Dad”– Seth.

He calls them both “Dad” or “Daddy”, and sometimes I have to ask for clarification, “Do you mean your real dad or Seth?” But 99.9% of the time we know which Dad he is referring to based on the context of the sentence. One is here and one just isn’t.

What does real mean? To Benjamin it means, he is technically his father, his “real” father. That much he understands. And his real father has no protest to him calling Seth “Dad”, which is think is huge of him.

Then there are Benjamin’s “Uncles”. Not sure what label to give to my Mom’s two manpersons, Larry and Bill, I started calling them Uncles way back when Benjamin was a toddler. Read More…

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