Ohio 555, the Triple Nickel

There’s a road in southeastern Ohio called the Ohio Triple Nickel (Ohio 555). Ohio 555 (The Ohio Triple Nickel)

It’s an incredibly beautiful stretch of highway– farms, forest, hills

farms and forrest on the Ohio 555 Triple Nickel
And lots of twisties.
lots of turns on Ohio 555 The Triple Nickel

Ben comes with us on this ride, and Alaina convinces Monica to come, too. Two black 1450cc Harley-Davidson Dynas and a white, 250cc Honda Rebel. Sorta like a Harley sandwich.

Alaina and I are in front, then Monica, and Ben’s at the back. Monica’s a little nervous, so she takes it nice and slow… which means Ben and I can’t really go as fast or lean into the curves as much as we’d like. Turns out that’s probably a good thing.

About halfway down Ohio 555, we hit a patch of road that’s recently been chip sealed. Gravel. I fucking hate gravel. Imagine riding a bicycle over a road full of marbles. This stuff is right in the middle of the lane with clean tracks on each side where traffic has pushed the gravel into the asphalt. I can’t go outside-inside-outside on the curves because I’ll go right through the gravel. Go through the gravel too fast and lose control. So, instead I keep in the right tire-track of the lane and go slow. Well, I think I’m going slow until I check my mirror on a straightaway and see Monica’s little Rebel and Ben’s Street Bob way the hell back there. 5 miles of gravel. 10 miles. 15 miles of pain in the ass, chip sealed road. Time to take a break.

Bikers taking a break on Ohio 555, the Triple Nickel

Ben and I are not fans of this part of the Ohio Triple Nickel.

Seth and Ben don't like the gravel on Ohio 555, the Triple Nickel

Alaina and Monica need some practice making dumb faces. N00bs.

Bikers making dumb faces on Ohio 555, the Triple Nickel

Then we’re off again and finally get to some lovely paved road. Never thought I’d be so happy to see double yellow lines.

Harley Davidson Dyna FXDX on Ohio 555, The Triple Nickel
The sun has slipped below the hills, and there’s a little chill in the air. It’s the middle of August, but it feels like fall.

We make it to the legendary Smiling Skull in Athens around 8pm.

Harley-Davidson FXDX in front of the Smiling Skull

The Skull is a biker bar on the edge of a college town. It’s off the beaten path of all the dudebrahbros, is cash-only, and has killer drink prices. $2 for a beer. Oh. And there are skulls everywhere.

a trike and som skulls hanging from the ceiling.

Ben’s been looking forward to getting a Smiling Skull patch for his vest (I picked one up last fall), so he asks the bartender if he can buy one. She checks and says they’re sold out.

“Well, how about the one on the wall, there? I’ll give you $10 for it.” Ben asks, pointing to the merch hanging near the ceiling.

“Nope, sorry. But you can ask Chris.” She points to the owner, sitting at the corner of the bar.

Ben walks over and they have a nice conversation. Chris tells Ben he can have the patch on the wall for the usual $5. Awesome.

We hang out for a couple hours, then Ben heads back to Columbus. Alaina, Monica and I crash at Alaina’s mom’s place for the night. Next morning, we head up Ohio 56 back to columbus.

farms and trees on Ohio 56
With a quick stop at JimBo’s
Harley Davidson Dyna FXDX in front of JimBo's


We may not have been able to go as fast as we wanted to on the way down, but the scenery and company make it all worth it. Kind of like (a blended) family: you may not always get to do exactly what you want, how you want to do it, but as long as you’re with people you love, it’s worth all the headaches and happiness.


Keep your knees in the breeze,



Here are some more pics of the trip.

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  1. I have been riding now for 34 years, and have traveled the 555 only one time, great run! We are planning to make the run again for our club’s spring tune up run. I know everyone will like it, beautiful secenery, great travel, and cool in places on the run through country roads. I highly recommend all to attend this ride. But plan for a day long event, and take bottled water along with you. thx Hammer

  2. Rode it once south to north with some friends. Planning to lead the ‘Wild Hogs’ ride down north to south on an over-nighter this summer!!

  3. I love the Triple Nickel, and the Windy 9 is just a part of the great riding in SE Ohio. Ride the Triple Nickel and stop for some outstanding diner food at the Triple Nickel Diner, in Chesterhill (They’ve got grass fed Bison burgers on Amish baked buns for under $6.00, and fresh, local baked pies!). Zip on over to Athens on a Sat. morning and experience one of the top farmer’s market in the country. Check out the craft breweries like Jackie O’s (a world wide top 100), Little Fish (Ohio’s top new craft brewer 2 years in a row) and Devil’s Kettle. Home of the original 30 Mile Meal, restaurants that source locally to support their community, everything from fine dining to O’Betty’s Hot Dogs for some craft sausage.

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