My littlest one.

This is divine. Motherhood to the tiniest of guys.

To little Foster, I am just “mama”. For that, I am infinitely grateful. While this lasts, this adoring love and endless source of snuggles and nuzzles, I will bask in its innocence. As I help him down his first flight of stairs, as I change his little diaper and ease his aching mouth from impending molars. And as I hug his father tight while holding him in my arms.

All is well here because he is well.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.15.47 PM



2 Responses to My littlest one.
  1. steph Reply

    Omg look at him he is adorable

  2. glenda1203 Reply

    he’s a cutie… he resembles Benjamin !? do you think so too?

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