In the spirit… holiday giveaway.

Because it’s that time of year…

Leave a comment (that’s it) and one of you will win my latest thrifting score. A Sak purse, absolutely perfect for that holiday party!

And a new leaf necklace.

PS. I have plenty of pieces and parts in. Order now (before Sunday 12/16) and I can get them to your before Christmas! I make them myself, you know. I’m your little formerly single mama, happily and incredibly blended mama elf.




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  1. Sheila Reply

    crossing my fingers – I would love to win both!!!

  2. Michelle Reply

    I look at your necklaces everyday. As soon as I recover from Christmas, I may have to treat myself. I don’t do that often!

  3. Julie Reply

    Sooo cute! Bought your first necklace! Wore it so much, wore the shine off of it!!

  4. Christi O'Leary Reply

    I too am a single Mom..I haven’t blended into another family yet…I think I would wear the bag well as I drink wine and hustle and bustle thru the season.

  5. Debbie Sullivan Reply

    My Birthday is Friday and that or they will be a great present! By the way I love, love, love them and your blog

  6. Ann Marie Bucci Reply

    Love the bag and the necklaces as well :-) And of course the blog! I have been following for a few years and I am inspired.

  7. SueB.Ont. Reply

    These would be the perfect gift to get this year. Loving the new necklace, I bought the first one and love it so much I would love this one too.Happy Holidays to you, Seth and the kids..

  8. allison modrzynski Reply

    Please, please! The new leaf necklace completely represents my new life with my two year old and the bag is fabulous! :) Love the blog, you are a great inspiration :) you give me hope that i will find my happily ever after!

  9. Meagan Reply

    The bag would go great with my ‘little black dress’ for New years and so would a necklace to represent my single momma life with my 4 year old son!

  10. Just Reply

    Love em both..fingers crossed!

  11. Nakia Reply

    I would love to win! I too am a formerly single mama ho still rocks my orginal leaf necklace from time to time. :)

  12. Natasha Reply

    I wear my leaf necklace everyday. Thank you SO much!

  13. lauren Reply

    i love both pieces! i am not a mama, but i am recently single after more than 8 years. here’s to a ton of love, laughter, and fun in 2013! :) *

  14. Mel Reply

    Love them both – enter me please!

  15. Veronica Reply

    I would love to win both!

  16. Cheryl Thompson Reply

    I love the bag and the necklace, have one of the original necklaces which I still wear and love! And, very happy that you’ve found your “person.”

  17. Kelly P Reply

    Oh I would love this little bag and the Leaf Necklace! Please :)

  18. Liza Granato Farrell Reply

    Very thoughtful gift. Here’s hoping I win :)

  19. missy Reply

    Would love to be entered ;) the necklace is on my vision board. Merry Christmas to all the single mamas out there

  20. Eve Diaz Reply

    Good morning Alaina, it’s Eve from miami. Your blog is just as great now that you are blended mama! I am still a single mama… But I did something cool too! I became a certified professional life coach! …talk about turning a leaf! I would wear that necklace with lots of gusto! And the bag is!

    Happy Holidays,

    Eve Diaz

    • alaina Reply

      Eve! That is incredible – making such a shift in a positive direction in the way of a new career. Thanks for reading.

  21. Jen Reply

    Yay! I love your giveaways and always feel like I actually have a CHANCE at them! Merry Christmas, Alaina! Love to you and yours!


  22. Mary Thompson Reply

    Your family is absolutely adorable and I am so glad that you are so honest with all the trails and tribulations of having a blended family. I admire you. I had a leaf necklace when I first became a single mom 3 years ago and now I have a blended family of my own. I love your work! :)

  23. amy Reply

    Love both and would wear/carry them proudly! :-) Good luck everyone!

  24. Steph Bonjour Reply

    Hi. Love the bag but the necklace has been on my want list forever! Single mom of almost 5-year old boy and putting myself through school so would be a great gift to me! Thanks for the chance!!

  25. trisha Reply

    dear santie,
    i would love the necklace.
    please! i’ve been so good…

  26. Lindsey Reply

    Love love

  27. Kristie Reply

    Beautiful! Love them both!

  28. Kara Yendell Reply

    Me please! I ordered a necklace for my sis for Christmas- a fellow single mama- and almost had a second one ordered for myself…but talked myself out of it. If I don’t win, I will definitely order after Christmas! And super cute bag!

  29. Jana Reply

    You always have such great thrift finds! And I already have my own New Leaf but I know the perfect mama who I would gift it to this year.

  30. Autumn Reply

    PICK ME! Love them both!!

  31. Susan Porter (@susellwrites) Reply

    What a cute little purse! You have inspired me. I am going to renew my thrift shopping efforts after the new year!

  32. Heather Reply

    Right now I think perhaps I have a better chance winning one of these beauties than smooching a cute guy under the mistletoe :)

  33. allyatcusellyson Reply

    So pretty!!!!

  34. Abbie Swartzentruber Reply

    A few years ago when you first starting selling these necklaces, I purchased one and gave it to a friend. Now I am just dying to have one of my own – thanks for the chance:)!!

  35. Laura Reply

    Hi Alaina, I’ve been a single mom for over 5 years, but met a wonderful man almost a year ago that loves me and embraces my children as well like they were his own. This is the first holiday season in such a long time that I feel so happy, blessed and complete as my children will get to witness the warmth and togetherness of family. I’ve been such a fan and I thank you for being so brave in sharing your story- your voice provides hope.

    • alaina Reply

      So happy for you!!!! And – you were picked by as the lucky winner! Woot. Woot! I will be sending you an email for your address. Congratulations!

  36. Rosie Parket Reply

    Love the Bag and the necklace. I’ve been meaning to see if you had more. I have a friend who is going through a divorce and also just turned 50 and just beat cancer. I think this would be an amazing gift for her. FIngers crossed.

  37. Amy J Reply

    I would love, love to win! I really want to get a necklace, and that’s the exact one that I wanted! I almost got one for myself as a Christmas present to myself, but money is a bit tight this year.

  38. Joanna Reply

    I have one of your orignal necklaces and wear it daily. So happy you have found Seth and his children. I have been a single mom for 19 years. This year has brought me a wonderful, caring man who is also my best friend and the joy of seeing my son graduate from University with honours. All the best over the Holidays.

  39. Gina Reply

    Having been a single mom for 6 of my son’s almost 8 years of life, I hope to find the happiness of a complete family, like you have done, someday. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  40. Gail Reply

    Would love to win this! Perfect christmas pressie, too! Been eyeing those necklaces for meself but budget is scarce for this singlemama & kiddos comes first this christmas.

  41. Allison Reply

    I love the new look of the new leaf necklace! I own the first one with the matching earrings. Great work!

  42. Sharon Reply

    Awesome purse! I’m beginning to think I don’t thrift enough to find gems like you do… gonna have to get out there more :)

  43. Angel Reply

    LOVE the bag!! LOVE the NECKLACE even more!! *I hope I win! I hope I win*

  44. Holly Reply

    I keep stalking the new leaf necklaces and trying to justify buying one for myself, all the while hoping for my “Seth” to surprise me with it for xmas. Imagine how hopeful I was when I saw your recent post, where Seth was featured wearing the very hat I had just purchased for my man! Serendipity!?

  45. Lauran Reply

    Very fun, both of them. Necklace is a perfect blend of symbols for us single mamas or those turning over a new leaf again! Would love to win:).

  46. Yeeta Reply

    Would love the leaf necklace. What a great to remember where you are coming from and where you are going.

  47. Jeanne Reply

    I’ve been reading your blog for at least 2 years but I think this is my first time commenting. I moved from Columbus to Dayton around that time while going through a divorce. Your blog gave me hope during a very difficult time. I am now a single mother to a 6 year old who was born 17 weeks early and has Cerebral Palsy. I love both the purse and necklace! Thank you for sharing your story.

  48. Shel Reply

    What a fun giveaway!

  49. Cindy Reply

    I can’t wait to open my leaf necklace this christmas. I’m wrapping it and telling the kids its from santa. :-) Hope all the single moms out there find their happily ever after and peace this 2013! xoxo

  50. Megan Reply

    Alaina, you always find the most gorgeous pieces! You must do a post on thrifting! Love your blog, have been following you for a few years now. Merry Christmas!

  51. cassee01 Reply

    please pick me! Seems like nothing is going right and it would be nice to have something positive happen! thanks!

  52. Nikki B Reply

    I came across your blog when I became a single mama of four amazing children two years ago. I read and re-read your posts every night before bed when my house is finally quiet! You have given me hope that all will be ok and I’m proud to be a single mama!

  53. Adriel Reply

    Love both!

  54. Amy Reply

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!

  55. Angela C Reply

    You find the most amazing stuff!! I would love to win. If I dont congrates to who does!

  56. AngelaG Reply

    Happy holidays to you and yours and hope 2013 brings us single mama’s and some of you not so much anymore single mama’s much happiness.

  57. Roseanna Reply

    Love the bag and necklace!

  58. Heather Eberlin Reply

    I love the new necklaces. I also love both of your reflections on marriage….I just finished reading Seth’s piece. Glad you’re still writing.

  59. America Reply

    I need ti turn over a new leaf badly this year…

  60. Julie Reply

    Love love love. Pick me please.

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