Hunting aliens

The weather in central Ohio was incredible last weekend. Sunny and 70 degrees. Usually, we don’t see the sun until April or May. On Sunday we took the kids roller skating. All the way up in Sunbury, which is about 30 minutes away (the one near us is a little sketchy). Afterwards, while Alaina and Benjamin ran to the store, Lily, Cohen, and I played alien hunters in the ravine. We fixed up a stick-fort and put a roof on it. It’s a pretty amazing base. I mean, if you’re a hobo and/or an alien hunter, it’s damn near a palace.

Right about the time Lily picked off the last nasty bugger from the trees with one of the Nerf guns and Cohen laid an imaginary bomb on the alien space ship, Nathanael rode up. Then Alaina and Benjamin got home. I grabbed a flannel shirt, my vest, and my helmet, and Nathanael and I tore off– south on US 33 toward the Hocking Hills. Pick pretty much any 3-digit state route in the Hocking Hills region and it’s motorcycle road heaven. We picked US 33 to Ohio 374, Ohio 180, Ohio 56, and US 23 Back up to Columbus.

There were no leaves left, so the pale, fall, Ohio sun was peeking through the naked trees like a shy little monster. Up the hills, down the valleys. Sweeping curves, sharp corners. Look, lean, roll on the throttle. Nothing but the roar of the pipes and the howling wind for 150 miles. I may or may not have imagined I was flying a speeder bike through an alien forest. :)

Alien hunters, 1; Aliens, 0. It was a good day.


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