Get ready to ride

Next week, I’m riding this

frosty motorcycle

with this guy (my brother) and his bike


To Sturgis, South Dakota, the Black Hills, and Yellowstone. That’s the first 4 days. Not sure where we’ll be on days 5-9. But on day 10, I’ll be home.

With the love of my life

These gremlins

our kids

And this awesome dog

archer the dog

Anybody have places I should eat? World’s largest balls of yarn I should see? Let me know!

Ride Safe


10 Responses to Get ready to ride
  1. Sunny Hunt Reply

    My Dad lives in Rapid City and used to ride (now all he does is look for a way out of town during Sturgis week. I’m pretty sure he’s screaming “get off my lawn” quite a bit as he ages, read: grumpy). No specific recommendations about places to eat, though I’ve heard there’s some killer BBQ to be had from pop-up shops and restaurants. Have fun, be smart and be safe!

    • seth Reply

      Ha!! You make your dad sound like one of those grumpy villains on Scooby Doo :)

      We’ll be there a week and a half before the rally, so hopefully miss all the madness but do some good riding in the black hills. I’ll keep an eye out for BBQ, thanks!

  2. Karen Lamp Van Sickle Reply

    Years ago, JJ and I took a northern route out west through Wisconsin and stopped at the Wisconsin Dells. We took a tour on what they call the ducks. The ride is through town on the roads and then down a hill at breakneck speed and splashing into the water and then a ride through the dells. Very pretty. Then we drove down through the Black Hills in SD. We camped in Custer State Park. A little scary because we were the only ones in the camp site and kept hearing gunshots through the night. The Park Ranger told us the next day it was nothing to worry about! Yellowstone was spectacular. We stayed in a town at the south entrance I think (Lander?) and drove all the way around on the rim road before we went down into the park. Try to get out early to see the animals up close. Don’t miss the prairie dogs either. Very entertaining to watch. They are a bunch of little clowns. Sounds like fun. Take care of each other and ride safe!

    • seth Reply

      That sounds like an epic trip!

      We’re going through Chicago on the way out to see Sarah & Mike.

  3. Sugar Jones Reply

    I just took an intro motorcycle riding class. I’m taking a more in-depth class soon. I can’t wait to go on a ride! Looking forward to your stories from the road!

    • seth Reply

      I took the Basic Rider Safety Course down in San Antonio, TX when I learned to ride. Glad to hear you’re taking a class too. Riding is so awesome– do you know what kind of bike you’d like to get? (cruiser, sport, dual-sport, etc?)

  4. Allison Reply

    I hope that you had a good trip! My husband is taking off for Sturgis this coming Tuesday. He is taking an old friend. Literally. He is taking his 71 year old friend to Sturgis for his first time. Depsite the 30 year age difference, I’m sure they will have a blast!

    • seth Reply

      “it’s not the years, it’s the miles” right? 71?! John Glenn went (back) to space at 77. Races, concerts, riding. Hope they have a ton of fun!

  5. Amanda Reply

    When you get to Yellowstone, head into Jackson and eat at the Snake River Brewery….or drink there, rather. Their beers are great and their food is tasty, as well. Delish buffalo burgers and pizzas, good beer, and good beer. :) For breakfast in Jackson eat at DOG, a Himalayan inspired burrito place. Great breakfast burritos and cheap! Also, as you are driving through the Black Hills, take the highway through the Needles. It’s so beautifully scenic…we would love to go back on our bike.

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