Beautiful straw. Be mine, or yours?

I started this back on Ms. Single Mama recently and it will continue here. My weekly thrift find giveaway. I absolutely love, love this bag. It has a cute pink, polka dot liner that actually comes up over its contents. Absolutely adorable. Just leave a comment to enter!

And, if you don’t mind (winner, whoever you are) I am going to keep using it until I have to mail it off.

Deadline to enter is Sunday the 29th at Midnight (EST).


53 Responses to Beautiful straw. Be mine, or yours?
  1. mommasunshine Reply

    Love this bag! Adorable.

  2. Missy David Birth Doula Reply

    #1 – I just realized you have a new blog and I LOVE it. My honey and I have daydreamed about doing a similar blog idea, but my entrepreneur man is really too busy to be a part of a project like that, so I’m SO glad you are extending your community into the blended family one. I’m excited to be a part of the conversation. #2 – I heart this bag and I hope I win :).

  3. Stacia Reply

    You’re so awesome and I love that bag! Like the boots, too. I’ve been looking for some lately, gently weathered. The search is on…

  4. Megan Reply

    Gasp! This bag is absolutely adorable! This bag inspires me to take a leisurely stroll through the park and lay in the grass with a handsome man :)

    Lovin’ the new blog! xoxo

  5. Julie Reply

    I want ! ;) love your blogs Alaina!

  6. Kindra Reply

    Oh I do believe I need, no actually WANT this! And that pink liner is divine!

  7. Jenny Ruhnke Reply

    I want it! I can’t believe you’re wiling to part with it, especially since it matches your boots so nicely!!

    • Alaina Reply

      I know, seriously – I am going to shed a few tears when I send it off. But I bought it for one of you and I feel like it’s a gift. Can’t take it back. I’m such a weirdo.

  8. dawn storey Reply

    the bag is awesome, it goes so well with the boots..can I have the boots too? xxxx

  9. Kim Reply

    Adorable bag!!

  10. Frances Palaschuk Reply

    Hey Alaina! Love this find…. Are the boots included too ;)

    • Alaina Reply

      No way on the boots. But you can get them here – on sale - I bought them full price and love them!

  11. Emma Reply

    That bag is calling my name! Did you say pink polka dot? I have been reading your blog for over a year now. I am myself a single mama, with a 6 year old boy and 8 year old girl, who met the man of her dreams and his 10 year old son a year ago. So much love and happiness in our new blended family… Everybody is adjusting extremely well; dealing with angry exes is our biggest challenge.
    Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

  12. Elisabeth N. Reply

    I love your bag and haven’t bought a new one in a long time since I’m in saving mode.

  13. Ichiko Reply

    This bag is adorable would go great with my pink tutu I have on for my bday today :) lol!!
    I love your blog
    Previous and recent I’m always following along :)

  14. Carly Moore Reply

    This bag is too cute. It’s perfect for lugging kids stuff in addition to my own junk.

    • Alaina Reply

      Yep. Perfect size for that. Not too big or too small. Just right.

  15. Lauren Reply

    Love the bag and the boots and the new blog :)

  16. Dawn Reply

    Love this bag for the summer! I could share with my 16 year old daughter who is always grabbing my bags!

  17. Melissa Reply

    Love the bag!! I have been following your blog for a long time! Like you, i am marrying my prince charming in TEN DAYS!!!! I love the new blog and can’t wait to continue!

  18. simpleijustdo Reply

    I love this bag! Are the boots part of the deal? ; )

  19. Kate I. Reply

    Love the bag and the boots, respectively.

  20. Glenda Reply

    Love the bag. Been following you since you were featured on Storked! At Glamour.

    Best to you, Seth and the kiddos.

  21. Jen Reply

    I want to go thrift shopping with you. How do you find these things? Adorable and I would love it, thanks. :) Love the new site, btw.

  22. Biana Reply

    Gorgeous summer straw bag be mine!

  23. Meagan Reply

    Single Mom of a wonderful 3 year old boy here! My sister recommended your blog to me while I was going through my divorce and I’ve been here ever since! This bag is so summer, and living in Wisconsin we cherish every moment of summer we get!

  24. Norma Reply

    Love it!!!!

  25. Emily Patterson Reply

    Too cute!

  26. Marcea Reply

    Thats adorable bag! It would come in handy for me and my 3 young kids while looking stylish at same time! :-)

  27. Sherry Cannon Reply

    Love, Love the bag! So happy for you and your family. Wedding pics were precious! Thanks.

  28. Katherine Reply

    I like your new blog. Good luck to you all!

  29. Susan Reply

    I would love that bag, thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Liza Reply

    Hello! I really enjoy reading your posts, so I’ve nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award”. Check out my recent post for the details! Liza

  31. Michelle Reply

    Nice bag. Love the new blog.

  32. JJ Reply

    Ive been following you for 2 years now. So happy to see that you have found love! And so pleased that someone is writing about blending because considering how much of it happens in the world and no one really talks about it! Wishing you all – all the best!

    • Alaina Reply

      Thank you JJ. I agree. Not enough out there for all of us blended families and it is so common.

  33. Mel Reply

    Love the bag and would love to win it!

  34. terri in georgia Reply

    love the bag! and really enjoy reading your blog; so happy for you.

  35. Krystal Reply

    I think I can make use of that lovely bag! (Open to Canadians?)

    • Alaina Reply

      Yes, I’m assuming shipping won’t be too much! We should be fine. Good luck.

  36. Alaina Reply

    The boots are here and guess what? They are on sale! Lucky you, I paid full price. I wear them with everything. Good luck to you all!

  37. tania Reply

    so cute I want!!

  38. christine Reply

    cute bag!

  39. Sarah Reply

    I love the new blog! I must know where you go thrifting. Keep up the good work, you give this single mama hope that there someone for me out there.

  40. Elizabeth Reply

    OMG that bag is soooo cute!

  41. Heidi Reply

    I heart this bag … this mama needs a new bag! Love the new blog and am glad you have found such big happiness!

  42. Jessika Reply

    Love this bag….it’s a cutie!!!

  43. JVM Reply

    Too cute! I’m envious of your thrifting skills! (perhaps a future B&TB blog post with some tips…?)

  44. Juliann K Green Reply

    I want it so bad! Pick me please! I love your thrift finds. It give me a great idea for my own group. Thanks Mama!

  45. Emily Reply

    Love it and I’m gonna win it!

  46. Jen Reply

    I’m a thrifter, too, good thing the thrill comes cheap because it’s a bit addictive! Congrats on the new blog, and thanks for sharing all your single mom survival tips… even though you aren’t one of us anymore…. :)

  47. Jen Reply

    Of course she’s not giving up the boots, those are her wedding boots, if I detect correctly!

  48. Jen C. Reply

    Beautiful bag…love it! Maybe I’ll buy a pair of boots to go with it…after I win. ;)

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