Foggy morning

It was foggy out there at 5am. So foggy, in fact, the schools are on a two-hour delay. More time to hang out with Lily, Benjamin, and Cohen, I guess. Foster doesn’t really care, except that the “bus time” alarm on my phone still goes off at the normal time. He runs around, as usual, yelling “buth tieeeeem! Buth tieeeeem! Ninyee!” (Lily) “Koh-ehn” (Cohen) and “Ben-juh-miiiiin” (Benjamin).


But it was cozy in my leather shop. Got up there about 5:15 this morning, excited to get back to work on a leather crossbody purse in brown Horween Chromexcel. Thinking about calling it the Cowgirl Crossbody– it’s on the workbench, there.

Beauty and the Biker Leather Goods Workshop

Sipping and/or mainlining coffee, The Picturebooks blasting on Spotify. I cleaned out the shop yesterday and rediscovered 2 other prototypes: a leather blanket roll (hanging on the wall on the left) for all your choppering and motocamping this summer, and a leather duffel (sitting on the peeling gray bench). Getting up early hurts sometimes, but it’s worth it to start the day with some solitude and a couple productive hours making leather goods before the whirlwind of school-prep blows through.


It’s light now. But still foggy.

Foggy Day in Columbus Ohio

The older three kids are up in the playroom trying to put things away faster than Foster can get them out. They’ve already packed their own lunches and made their own breakfasts. Not bad for a Wednesday morning.

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    Keep up the good work, Seth. Always enjoy your posts.

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