“Dad? Where are the Lego destructions?” Benjamin asks me.

A jumble of legos

“The what?” I reply, obviously understanding he meansINstructions”

a jumble of Legos

“You know, the destructions. To help us do the Legos?”

Sometimes, even when you try to follow the instructions, you put it together the wrong way. And sometimes, when you follow your gut, it works out better than you can imagine.

That’s why we started this blog. Not because we thought we had any answers. No great insights. No genre-defining expertise. We started this blog because there are no instruction books for blending families (Ok! We’ve since found a few). And blending two families is harder than if Lego and Ikea teamed up to write the manual. But it’s also pretty damn rewarding.

Like when you build a Lego death jet with green laser blasters, rotating wings, and quad-missile launchers with a six year old kid.

Lego death plane, built from imagination



8 Responses to Destructions
  1. Elizabeth Reply

    Thank you for starting this blog. It gives me hope (single mother of an awesome little girl) that there is hope after single parenthood and that blended families can be the most wonderful of blessings. Thank you!

    • alaina Reply

      We can both say – that, yes, it is truly amazing. The kids have their fights and their moments, but even they are so attached to each other already. Love it all so much and so happy our paths led us here.

  2. Chris R Reply

    I do love the new blog and have been trying to keep up with both! I can’t imagine writing two now! I did want to say they are both different and amazing in their own way! You are not keeping me up later!! (i’m not complaining :) however)

    • alaina Reply

      Thank you, Chris!!! Trying my best to deprive people of sleep. ; )

  3. Chris R Reply

    I did want to add one more thing, the lego post, very cute honestly still one of the best toys out there and no matter how old we are we will play with them and our kids and their kids and so on. Very cute!

  4. Missy David Birth Doula Reply

    I think I’m going to start calling us Blender Families :). Just for fun.

    I love that you share that you guys started this blog not because you thought you had all the answers. I remember when Alaina “came out” with the fact that she’d been dating you (Seth) and she was in love and started posting pics of you and all the kids together. I was surprised by the backlash (I don’t know why, since that’s kinda what we sign up for as bloggers) from people who said that you (Alaina) shouldn’t be so sure about Seth since it was evident you’d been wrong before.

    Just because you were actually open about all of your experiences good or bad doesn’t mean you were ever wrong or claimed to have all the answers. Being a blender family is HARD and NO ONE has 100% good advice because there just is no standard or norm. Honestly, for my husband and me, the times we followed “expert” advice to the letter were the times the ground met our faces most firmly. (Like the time we took the bigs out to a celebratory breakfast to announce our engagement and excitedly invite their input on the wedding and they both sunk under the table into heaps of depression and tears and we thought we were being Punk’d!) And you’re right, sometimes the things we take a shot in the dark about end up being our best successes! And I say thank GOODNESS we don’t have to have it all figured out ahead of time, or we’d all be *%#$ed!

    • seth Reply

      Thanks, Missy. You’re right on the money.

      There’s an approach to product marketing (what I did for a living the past decade) called rapid prototyping. The idea is that to create something truly new, it’s impossible to figure everything out ahead of time. Instead, you make assumptions and take action based on the best info available, see how that works, and adjust as necessary. Alaina and I kind of take the same approach to life. So far, so good :)

      Also, love “blender family!”

      • Missy David Birth Doula Reply

        sounds about right to me! interesting too…i’d never thought of blender families being “truly new.” but we really are if you consider the severely lacking resources currently available for us.

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