The Christmas tree hunt

Last Sunday, we load up the kids and set off in search of a Christmas tree farm. We find one, but, as Alaina says, “it’s a sea of Charlie Brown trees.” We search and search for a tree. The right tree. Foster searches too.

Foster at a christmas tree farm

Eventually we find one, cut it, and haul it home. But not before we find a second one.

Bring the trees into the house and Alaina puts about 1600 lights on. On one tree. Very sparkly.

A couple hours later and Alaina is sneezing, eyes watering & itching, and looking generally miserable. It turns out she’s allergic to pine trees with mold on them– Christmas Tree Syndrome, she Googles and learns. So, I take the lights off for the second time. First time was because we put too many in a run and blew the little tiny fuse. Oops. I take the brand new, freshly-cut tree outside.

christmas lights in a mess on the ground

I feel so bad for her. Usually I’m the one with the allergic reaction.

Meanwhile, I was also making a Leather Briefcase Tote. Here’s what the main compartment lining looks like before it’s all stitched.lining for a leather briefcase tote

Today, I’m putting more pallet wood on the wall in the kitchen. And getting all the Thanksgiving provisions in order. And fulfilling a couple more leather goods orders. And making an estimate for another. And getting ready for my brother and his wife to get in from California. Even though we got a lot done this week, there’s always more to do. But that’s life, isn’t it? And it’s a crazy, tiring, awesome, infuriating, hilarious blast.

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