Changing handlebars on a Harley

It all started innocently enough. The stock handlebars on my Dyna are too low for me, which makes my back hurt on long rides– like the 700 mile day my brother and I did on our way home from the Black Hills.

Solution: t-bars with 10″ risers. And, because I ride a 2004 Dyna Super Glide Sport (FXDX) which has a tach and spedo, I buy a gauge mount adapter, too.

t-bars with 10" straight risers, gauge mount adapter

Problems started when I ordered from the cheapest vendor on Amazon. Big mistake. “Standard” shipping via USPS (read: no tracking info) takes 5-7 business days. Day 7 comes, and no bike parts show up. Exchange emails with vendor who claims it was “damaged during shipment.” Great. Forget it. Just give me my money back.

Order from a much more reputable place: Ships same day, arrives 2 days later. Oh, and shipping was free.

I’ve never done anything like this, but the Internet assures me it’s simple… it’ll just require some patience.


Rewind a few decades. Growing up we have a family joke: never ask for patience; you might just get it. Ok, so it’s not that funny. But the point is that the only way to build patience is by being patient.


Actual time spent working: a few hours. But that’s only because I had to repair one of the wires. Well, and I kept pulling the connectors apart on accident while stuffing them back in. Time spent waiting on longer brake lines? 8 days.  But, it’s my own fault. I forgot to measure my stock FXDX brake lines to see if they’re long enough for drag bars with 10 inch risers. Guess what? They’re an inch or so short. And I found that out after I put on the new bars. Shouldn’t have started working until I had all the parts. Live and learn.

Here’s what it looks like now

2004 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport (FXDXI)

Next project will be putting a narrow-glide fairing on. Or maybe an Arlen-Ness Stage II Big Sucker. Or…  :)

Ride safe!



P.S. I created a step-by-step guide to changing handlebars on a 2004 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport (FXDXI). Hope it helps!

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