Thrift Giveaways

In the spirit… holiday giveaway.

Because it’s that time of year…

Leave a comment (that’s it) and one of you will win my latest thrifting score. A Sak purse, information pills absolutely perfect for that holiday party!

And a new leaf necklace.

PS. I have plenty of pieces and parts in. Order now (before Sunday 12/16) and I can get them to your before Christmas! I make them myself, sales you know. I’m your little formerly single mama, happily and incredibly blended mama elf.




Clutch winner and another one (just for you).

The weather in central Ohio was incredible last weekend. Sunny and 70 degrees. Usually, medical nurse we don’t see the sun until April or May. On Sunday we took the kids roller skating. All the way up in Sunbury, medical pills which is about 30 minutes away (the one near us is a little sketchy). Afterwards, while Alaina and Benjamin ran to the store, Lily, Cohen, and I played alien hunters in the ravine. We fixed up a stick-fort and put a roof on it. It’s a pretty amazing base. I mean, if you’re a hobo and/or an alien hunter, it’s damn near a palace.

Right about the time Lily picked off the last nasty bugger from the trees with one of the Nerf guns and Cohen laid an imaginary bomb on the alien space ship, Nathanael rode up. Then Alaina and Benjamin got home. I grabbed a flannel shirt, my vest, and my helmet, and Nathanael and I tore off– south on US 33 toward the Hocking Hills. Pick pretty much any 3-digit state route in the Hocking Hills region and it’s motorcycle road heaven. We picked US 33 to Ohio 374, Ohio 180, Ohio 56, and US 23 Back up to Columbus.

There were no leaves left, so the pale, fall, Ohio sun was peeking through the naked trees like a shy little monster. Up the hills, down the valleys. Sweeping curves, sharp corners. Look, lean, roll on the throttle. Nothing but the roar of the pipes and the howling wind for 150 miles. I may or may not have imagined I was flying a speeder bike through an alien forest. :)

Alien hunters, 1; Aliens, 0. It was a good day.

I miss the days when it was just Benjamin and I.

It had just gotten so easy. Just the two of us, sales  with no one to answer to… I could spoil him to the ends of the Earth (without even realizing I was). He could get all of my attention, ed all of the time. Now, about it we are a family of five and everything is exposed. My weaknesses as a parent. Benjamin’s behavior issues. All of it is on the table for Seth, Lily and Cohen to see. And somehow, we have to merge our world with theirs.

But we are. Day by day. Week by week. Talk after talk between two concerned parents, madly in love with each other and unable to put a magic Band-Aid on anything. The adjusting continues and I wonder, both of us wonder, how long it will take before everyone just kind of settles in. It has been over one year, but in some ways everything still feels so new.

We are struggling with Benjamin. Read More…

Salmon Suede Clutch + New Leaf Update #2

Last year I rode to Chicago on labor day weekend. Didn’t check the weather (should have). Just grabbed some gear and went (Lily and Cohen were with their mom). As it turns out, click I should’ve grabbed my rain suit because there was a pretty nasty storm barreling through Indiana and I got stuck at a run-down diner for 5 hours. This place even had a pie display case. I talked to the truckers and the waitress, stuff and watched the lightning dance across the sky.

At closing time, I put my soggy jacket back on and rode 15 miles to the nearest town. Pulled in to the only hotel and its completely full parking lot around midnight. Evidently, there’s a huge blueberry festival/hot air balloon convention every Labor Day weekend in that part of Indiana that brings in 100,000 people. The balloonists were all at this hotel, and they informed me it was full. And so was every other hotel for 60 miles. Great. Tired, soggy, and cold, I was about to just sleep next to my bike. One of the front desk clerks came out and announced to the crowd of 50 hot air balloon pilots (who were all fairly drunk) and me that they had a cancellation. “I’ll take it!” I yelled before she was even done talking. Found out 30 seconds later that it was a king, smoking, suite. And it smelled pretty bad, despite the dryer sheets taped to the fan in the room. Oh well.

I made it to Chicago the next morning. The previous day could have ruined the whole trip. Cold, wet, tired, in the middle of nowhere rather than with my sister, Sarah, her boyfriend, Mike, and my brother, Adam & his girlfriend, Crystine (who were in Chicago for the weekend). Sometimes, good stories are no fun to live through. And the bad weather made me appreciate the lovely day in Chicago even more.

Seth, Sarah, Mike, Crystine, and Adam sitting on a bench in Wicker PArk

Life just is. We try to control so many things, but really only have control over ourselves. And even then, not always. Things come together, then they fall apart. Then they come together again.
UPDATE: The necklaces are all up for sale now in the Beauty and the Biker Etsy Shop.

An update on Etsy and the new leaf necklaces…

I was so close. The pictures are finished. And as you can see, for sale

the new new leaf necklace has graduated to completely gorgeous, adiposity an amplified version of the first, this new leaf necklace is everything I ever dreamed it could be.

I have been wearing mine non-stop.

I just spent 45 minutes on my first Etsy listing and then, having forgot my password, all was lost. So, I’m giving up for tonight. It’s Sunday. I need to relax, do a little meditation (have you tried? you should) and then watch some X-files on Hulu with Seth.

Because I am guilt-ridden for missing my self-imposed and unrealistic deadline, I am offering up this beautiful Italian salmon suede clutch (found thrifting) as a consolation prize to one of you.

Can you even believe someone gave this away?

Taker it out on date night or girls’ night, tucked under your arm. Do me a favor and don’t try to match it with a thing. This is a beautiful salmon, not bright at all–it should go with just about any color in the warm, Fall family.

She’s almost too perfect to give away. Sigh. But alas, I must. Because I love you so, my beautiful readers. You have my heart still, after all of these years.

Just leave a comment and you’ll be entered.

Also, if you live in Columbus – say so in the comments. I will be picking a few of you to join my friends and I on a thrifting tour of Columbus thrift stores. I’ll be sharing all of my thrifting tips on Saturday, November 17th and I want to bring some of you along. I’ll choose you randomly (same with the clutch winner). Good luck. 

Deadline is next Sunday night at 7:00 PM EST. When, by the way, we will know who our next President will be. Please vote, regardless of where you stand.



UPDATE: The necklaces are all up for sale now in the Beauty and the Biker Etsy Shop.

My thrift shopping secrets.

I thrift, therefore I save. Lots and lots and lots. But, for me, it’s more then just saving piles of cash – it’s about the hunt, the thrill of the chase and satisfying my constant desire to be wearing something new, cute and fashion forward.

Like this top combo…

The tank and the necklace were both from a local thrift store.

Here are my tips on making the most of your thrift shopping experience. And thanks to the Volunteers of America for sponsoring this post. They gave, Jess and I a $50 gift card to shop to our heart’s content. The goal? To find as much as could for under $50.00. Read More…

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