Thrift Giveaways

In the spirit… holiday giveaway.

Because it’s that time of year…

Leave a comment (that’s it) and one of you will win my latest thrifting score. A Sak purse, absolutely perfect for that holiday party!

And a new leaf necklace.

PS. I have plenty of pieces and parts in. Order now (before Sunday 12/16) and I can get them to your before Christmas! I make them myself, you know. I’m your little formerly single mama, happily and incredibly blended mama elf.




Salmon Suede Clutch + New Leaf Update #2

UPDATE: The necklaces are all up for sale now in the Beauty and the Biker Etsy Shop.

An update on Etsy and the new leaf necklaces…

I was so close. The pictures are finished. And as you can see,

the new new leaf necklace has graduated to completely gorgeous, an amplified version of the first, this new leaf necklace is everything I ever dreamed it could be.

I have been wearing mine non-stop.

I just spent 45 minutes on my first Etsy listing and then, having forgot my password, all was lost. So, I’m giving up for tonight. It’s Sunday. I need to relax, do a little meditation (have you tried? you should) and then watch some X-files on Hulu with Seth.

Because I am guilt-ridden for missing my self-imposed and unrealistic deadline, I am offering up this beautiful Italian salmon suede clutch (found thrifting) as a consolation prize to one of you.

Can you even believe someone gave this away?

Taker it out on date night or girls’ night, tucked under your arm. Do me a favor and don’t try to match it with a thing. This is a beautiful salmon, not bright at all–it should go with just about any color in the warm, Fall family.

She’s almost too perfect to give away. Sigh. But alas, I must. Because I love you so, my beautiful readers. You have my heart still, after all of these years.

Just leave a comment and you’ll be entered.

Also, if you live in Columbus – say so in the comments. I will be picking a few of you to join my friends and I on a thrifting tour of Columbus thrift stores. I’ll be sharing all of my thrifting tips on Saturday, November 17th and I want to bring some of you along. I’ll choose you randomly (same with the clutch winner). Good luck. 

Deadline is next Sunday night at 7:00 PM EST. When, by the way, we will know who our next President will be. Please vote, regardless of where you stand.



UPDATE: The necklaces are all up for sale now in the Beauty and the Biker Etsy Shop.

My thrift shopping secrets.

I thrift, therefore I save. Lots and lots and lots. But, for me, it’s more then just saving piles of cash – it’s about the hunt, the thrill of the chase and satisfying my constant desire to be wearing something new, cute and fashion forward.

Like this top combo…

The tank and the necklace were both from a local thrift store.

Here are my tips on making the most of your thrift shopping experience. And thanks to the Volunteers of America for sponsoring this post. They gave, Jess and I a $50 gift card to shop to our heart’s content. The goal? To find as much as could for under $50.00. Read More…

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