The Biker

2014 In Review: family, the house, motorcycles, and leather goods

How did that happen so quickly? Weren’t we just here? The Holidays and another year over, with a couple months of dark, cold, gray winter still looming. To cheer us all up, we thought we’d put together a look back at 2014– it was a great year, and believe it or not, the top posts on this little blog of ours reflect what we’ve been focusing on and what’s important in our lives.

The top 5 posts based on views this year were: Read More…

Yellow Rose

One of Seth and I’s countless commonalities is our love for Texas. We, both native Ohioans somehow found our way to Texas in our twenties and then returned to our home state. Ever since we both found ourselves yearning Texas for its music, the tequila, the endless sun and blue skies.

This winter has been particularly brutal for Ohioans and just about everyone living in the Midwest or the Northeast. Seth disappeared for a few hours on Saturday morning and then submitted his latest song (he wrote it just one week ago) to Couch by Couch West.

Love this man and this song.



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