“Do you think you’d be able to get into another long term relationship if I died?” She asks, paintbrush in hand, priming on the intricate diamond pattern playroom doors.

“Fuck no. I’m gonna grow my beard duck dynasty long, start chain smoking, and Read More…

My guys.

With Benjamin’s father largely uninvolved (he sees him once a month for a few hours, at most), Seth is it. The man who will raise him, teach him right from wrong and the man who will love him unconditionally, no matter how hard he pushes back.

And he will push back. He does push back. Every day.

Benjamin is a defiant little guy. It’s hard for me to watch because I was the same way, and still am. I am as passionate as I am stubborn and while these can be strengths in adulthood, children with these traits are often a handful. So, while Seth issues his stern warnings and Benjamin stands his ground, I am torn. Read More…

The next thing.

Seth hasn’t been blogging, as you may have noticed, because he’s been in garage – his workshop – 8-10 hours a day working on leather bags and other goodies for our Beauty and the Biker pop up shop.

He loves it out there (and so does, Archer).

Garage workshop - ohio

We’ll be popping up (for the very first time) at the Moonlight Market on Gay Street in Columbus on Saturday, May 11th.

Seth has been busy using this

Leather sewing machine

to turn leather like this

leather hides, dyed

into bags like this

hand stitched, men's leather briefcase

Because it takes him 20+ hours to make bags like the one shown, I decided to fill our shop up with some goodies from the Beauty side of our brand – clothes, hats, purses and jewelry.

Read More…

Oh boy, or girl?

We find out on Monday!!!

I think it’s a girl, but am fine either way. I’m more curious as to what type of little person he or she will be. Having three already, it is clear the personality and spirit trumps the sex.

So, yes, on Monday – we will know.

Guess what you think we’re having in the comments and enter to win a new leaf necklace! And if you guess correctly and then, IF you are randomly drawn – you win.

Here’s another baby bump picture. Some of you have had theories on Facebook as to what the sex is by the shape and height of my bump. I know nothing of these things and leave it all to you, Ladies.

20week baby bump

Also, I am nearly 20 weeks and due in late August or early September.

We have been busy bees, as usual. Seth has been quiet on the blog because he’s been either in the garage making bags (he has sold four now) or running about the yard doing mad yard work for our party next weekend to celebrate our birthdays and our one year wedding anniversary.

Last weekend we had a little party at the Cement Marketing office to open the first Moonlight Market on Gay Street. Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman stopped by to kick things off and took a moment to say “Hello” to the kids.  Read More…

Mr. Stork

We have been keeping this a secret for the past four months. But now my little 17 week old is too big to hide.

We are ecstatic… And yes, it was planned (that seems to be the first question everyone has). Yes, planned. Although Lily’s wish for a little sister on Christmas Eve could have done the trick.

Here is my bump and the handsome culprit.


Expect a flurry of posts now that the cat is out of the bag. I find it very hard to blog when I am keeping something from you.



A surprise

He may have anticipated that one day he could love again. But I don’t think he ever expected to fall in love with her dog, too.




They’re made for each other, these two. Just another piece of our serendipity falling into place.



I love…

How he leaves the fluffy towel for me and takes the stiff one for himself.

How he never, ever complains about all of the cleaning and housework and general maintenance and upkeep of a family of five.

How he listens to every detail of my day and then offers constructive, positive advice.

How he looks at me in the morning.

How he holds me in the morning (and at night).

How he tells me he loves me every single day, over and over again. Just because.

How it still feels like we just met.

How he loves my son as much as his own.

How I would still marry him in a heartbeat if the opportunity came again.

How I have zero regrets when I am with him, there is no doubt that we are meant to be.

How I dreamt of him before I even knew him.

How I knew, in my heart, I would be happy single unless I found him.

How I refused to settle for anything less.



On telling the kids

My single mama friend called me last night.

“Hey lady, I really need your advice on something,” she sounded fearful and scared. I thought the worst. Maybe she and her new man were breaking up.

“Charles and I are definitely going to get engaged,” they just know – as Seth and I did- that they are meant to be. And it’s lovely.

“That’s so exciting! I’m so happy for you. So, what’s the problem?”

“He will be moving in with us in December. So, it’s a long ways away, but I’m scared about how to tell Sarah. It’s always just been the two of us. What will it be like? Will she be upset? How did you tell Benjamin?”

She sounded so worried and concerned. Just this fact alone, told me her heart and head were in the right place. If a mother cares that much about her child’s transition into a new relationship, all will definitely be fine. I have met too many mothers over the years who put their relationships over their children. Welcoming, with open arms, ex-boyfriends who abused them or men who cheated on them back into their lives and their child’s lives. It’s upsetting, to say the least.

My friend’s daughter, Sarah, is in Kindergarten. A sweet, quiet, little girl who has never seen her mother with any boyfriend, not even her father. Here was my advice to her: Read More…

Learning to skate.

I miss the days when it was just Benjamin and I.

It had just gotten so easy. Just the two of us, with no one to answer to… I could spoil him to the ends of the Earth (without even realizing I was). He could get all of my attention, all of the time. Now, we are a family of five and everything is exposed. My weaknesses as a parent. Benjamin’s behavior issues. All of it is on the table for Seth, Lily and Cohen to see. And somehow, we have to merge our world with theirs.

But we are. Day by day. Week by week. Talk after talk between two concerned parents, madly in love with each other and unable to put a magic Band-Aid on anything. The adjusting continues and I wonder, both of us wonder, how long it will take before everyone just kind of settles in. It has been over one year, but in some ways everything still feels so new.

We are struggling with Benjamin. Read More…

The necklaces are up.

Okay, my lovelies.

The necklaces are all posted in the Etsy store. I apologize that it took me ages.

I am going to wait five days and then order a round of pieces and parts. So, if you want in on the first shipment, please order between now (11/9) and (11/14). As for the rest of you, you’ll have to wait in line.

This batch of necklaces will be made per your order, custom to your preference. 


I am estimating shipping will be 1-2 weeks after you place your order and will adjust if I am off on that time frame. Remember, I will be making them and ordering the pieces after you order, hence the bit of a wait. But, believe me, they are absolutely beautiful little necklaces and worth every day.




You will also see Seth’s beautiful bag in our shop

and keep your eye out for leather bracelets he’ll be adding over the next few days. We are having a blast in our little workshop.

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