“Do you think you’d be able to get into another long term relationship if I died?” She asks, paintbrush in hand, priming on the intricate diamond pattern playroom doors.

“Fuck no. I’m gonna grow my beard duck dynasty long, start chain smoking, and Read More…

I take it back (and where we’ve been),

Nine days ago, I set off with all three kids on a flight to San Francisco to meet Seth. He had driven out a week prior for his little brother’s bachelor party and we were joining him for the wedding.

The plan – drive back home to Ohio from San Francisco and camp the entire way. After three nights in a tent, and two in a hotel for the wedding – my back and hips decided to stage a mutiny.

Suddenly my last post about pregnancy being a breeze became a haunting jinx as I struggled to walk without pain. We weighed our options- I could fly back or we could keep going, staying in hotels. I would stay back and bench it while the rest of the family hiked. We opted with the later and I am feeling much better, but still have to rest as much as possible. Eleven weeks to go now.

We started in Yosemite, Heaven on Earth- by far my favorite stop so far- then headed through Idaho to meet my brother, Ezra in the Grand Tetons. Now we are in Wyoming and headed toward Iowa City to see another brother. Keep up with us on Instagram – @alaina_gray or @sethgray.

Here is a view from last night as we drive through Bighorn Canyon, a hidden treasure just west of Yellowstone.


More pictures when we get back.



My guys.

With Benjamin’s father largely uninvolved (he sees him once a month for a few hours, at most), Seth is it. The man who will raise him, teach him right from wrong and the man who will love him unconditionally, no matter how hard he pushes back.

And he will push back. He does push back. Every day.

Benjamin is a defiant little guy. It’s hard for me to watch because I was the same way, and still am. I am as passionate as I am stubborn and while these can be strengths in adulthood, children with these traits are often a handful. So, while Seth issues his stern warnings and Benjamin stands his ground, I am torn. Read More…

Foster Raymond Gray

After months of toiling over options Seth’s father threw out the name “Foster” at dinner. Foster was his grandfather’s name, Seth’s great-grand father’s name. So, little Foster will be named after his great-great-grandfather and his grandfather, my father, Raymond.

We love the name and it was one of those – “Yep. That’s it.” moments, so, we know it’s right. Thank you so much for helping by giving us your name ideas.



The next thing.

Seth hasn’t been blogging, as you may have noticed, because he’s been in garage – his workshop – 8-10 hours a day working on leather bags and other goodies for our Beauty and the Biker pop up shop.

He loves it out there (and so does, Archer).

Garage workshop - ohio

We’ll be popping up (for the very first time) at the Moonlight Market on Gay Street in Columbus on Saturday, May 11th.

Seth has been busy using this

Leather sewing machine

to turn leather like this

leather hides, dyed

into bags like this

hand stitched, men's leather briefcase

Because it takes him 20+ hours to make bags like the one shown, I decided to fill our shop up with some goodies from the Beauty side of our brand – clothes, hats, purses and jewelry.

Read More…

Oh boy, or girl?

We find out on Monday!!!

I think it’s a girl, but am fine either way. I’m more curious as to what type of little person he or she will be. Having three already, it is clear the personality and spirit trumps the sex.

So, yes, on Monday – we will know.

Guess what you think we’re having in the comments and enter to win a new leaf necklace! And if you guess correctly and then, IF you are randomly drawn – you win.

Here’s another baby bump picture. Some of you have had theories on Facebook as to what the sex is by the shape and height of my bump. I know nothing of these things and leave it all to you, Ladies.

20week baby bump

Also, I am nearly 20 weeks and due in late August or early September.

We have been busy bees, as usual. Seth has been quiet on the blog because he’s been either in the garage making bags (he has sold four now) or running about the yard doing mad yard work for our party next weekend to celebrate our birthdays and our one year wedding anniversary.

Last weekend we had a little party at the Cement Marketing office to open the first Moonlight Market on Gay Street. Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman stopped by to kick things off and took a moment to say “Hello” to the kids.  Read More…

The surprise attack

Typically, I trudge through my birthdays as one would a murky pond- carefully and cautiously stepping through the day, just trying to make it to the other side without a bite or an encounter with some unidentifiable monster. And every year when April 6th arrives, I feel a huge wave of relief. Aging isn’t the issue. I still feel young and every year I grow wiser, happier- so, no, age does not bother me (yet).

I myself couldn’t quite put a finger on why I dreaded the big day so much until last year when Seth asked me, “Why do you hate them so much?” He looked genuinely concerned after having watched me closely avoid emotional land mines all day.

No one had ever really asked me why. But, immediately, I knew the answer and tears flew through my eyes, soaking my cheeks instantly.

“I hate my birthdays because he’s not here.”

My father, his voice, his hug and his grand birthday enthusiasm. But I also missed the family that had existed before he died. After his death everyone scattered in their grief and there was no one to pull us back together again. Now 14 years later we remain divided, entire states and years of emotional wounds set between us.

But this year, Seth had a plan, He was bound and determined to beat my birthday demons.

The day started out as my birthdays usually do. No plans, home from work and treating myself to my own schedule of “whatever I feel like.” After dinner, a homemade lemon cake from Seth

Lemon cake

and a round of kid and Seth presents I could see the finish line. Bedtime was just 45 minutes away for the kids… and not long after my own.

But then I spotted a woman walking down the side walk with a present in her hands. When she came into focus i realized it was my best friend Monica. Read More…

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