Peace and quiet.

When you are constantly running between home, work and back again–even when you sweet husband let’s you sleep in whenever you need to; makes breakfast, lunch and dinner; does all of the laundry; cleans the house as best as he is able (he is a man after all); and hugs and loves you until no end–the stress catches up to you.

Before becoming a mother, and then very suddenly, a single mother, I was a professional at taking time for myself. I would take yoga classes, shop just for fun, I would sleep in, I would eat out by myself, I would go for hikes, read books, catch concerts and spend time with friends.

Now, with a supportive husband who encourages me to do all of these things, it’s been hard for me to slowly let go and believe that he will catch me. But day by day, week by week and month by month we got here. To the point where I don’t apologize (by default) if I sleep in. To which he says, “Stop apologizing. Why are you apologizing?”  To which I reply, “I don’t know.”

To escape it all, we went camping a few weekends ago. I drove ahead, dropped Benjamin off for his monthly visit with his father, and then pitched the tent.

Then I dove inside, rested my head on the pillows and blankets and laid there for an entire hour in much needed silence

until I heard his bike.

We snuck some whiskey into our tent, laughed and talked and read. And then took off on the bike for dinner in Athens at Zoe. We left our phones at the campsite but our steaks were on par with the best steaks we ever find in Columbus.

The next morning. Your typical camping fare, which involved zero effort on my part. Again, I am totally spoiled, People. Completely and absolutely spoiled by this man.

After breakfast we packed up the tent

and then took off for lunch in Marietta, Ohio. WIth streets that look like these along the Ohio River

Lunch at Tampico

Some antique shopping, where Seth and I picked out my one year anniversary present, a sapphire ring.

I love it. One of you told me on Facebook that sapphire carries some wonderful relationship vibes with it. Even more perfect. We have enough magic on our own at the moment, but you never know when a little sapphire may come in handy. ;  )

And then back on the bike

For the ride back to Athens and Benjamin. And then reality the next day on Monday.

Next week, we are taking a stay-cation. We’ll spend a few days in between in Chicago and are hoping to get the kids up to HalloWeekends at Cedar Point, a big deal in these parts for my coastal readers.

We’ll be posting along the way.

Here’s to R&R, fantastic men (they exist) and motorcycle rides, which always force me to completely relax. I meditate almost because I’m trapped in my helmet with no phone, no chatter, no radio… just another type of loud silence – the road and the pipes, and my man in front of me, my hero and my shining light every single day.




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  1. Sarah Reply

    So here’s the thing. You went on your whole thing a while back about how butterflies aren’t necessary, and it’s okay not to feel them, etc, etc. And at the time I read it, I was thinking, “That’s so, so wrong, and so sad, and it’s not really normal.” but I’m not a single mother, so I thought maybe that’s why I didn’t get it, just that I couldn’t understand. Then the John thing imploded. Then you met Seth, and you completely retracted your statements and I laughed and thought, “okay. So i’m not crazy, and I’m just so very relieved and happy for her.” And then I read this, today. I can’t even believe you’re already celebrating your one-year, because wasn’t it just, like, four months ago that you got married in the backyard? Your giddyness is electrifying and tangible, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic as a reader, being able to feel it, see it, through my computer screen. You have totally earned your fairy tale, butterflies and all, and I just wanted to say how fun it is to watch. Happy anniversary to you both:)

    • alaina Reply

      Thank you, Sarah!!! You are SO sweet and SO right. Thank you so much. And this made me laugh, smile and get some happy “I love my readers” butterflies. xoxo

  2. Liosliath Manner Reply

    What a lovely campsite! Where is it? :)

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