Blend, baby, blend.

We are learning as we go and have never, cialis 40mg and will never proclaim to be experts at blending families. As we find resourceful posts or blogs across the great wide Internet, sick we’ll post them to this page. Please help us out if you can and leave resources you find in the comments.

Blog posts that have caught our attention:

The Bumpy Blending of a Family–the author of this post thought she and her husband were prepared for how tough it would be to blend a family, turns out it was more difficult than they anticipated. Read here.

The Struggles of Step-motherhood–by Lisa Belkin of Motherload. The title speaks for itself.

And here is a Google Hangout we held on dating as single parents. We discuss dating with the children and introducing them to each other.

Have suggestions of books/blogs or other resources we should list? Leave a comment, please.


9 Responses to Blend, baby, blend.
  1. Liza

    Great 1st try :)

  2. secondtononewife

    Being a ‘blender’ family is hard. Trying to schedule weekends, holidays ( hate Christmas now because it is a military operation) and the tension between the ‘new’ wife and the ‘first’ wife all combine to make it tough BUT it is totally worth it. We struggle with helping my husband’s son fit in on the weekends because ‘my’ boys are here all week and then he shows up and has trouble fitting in. It is hard on us all. Look forward to hearing how other people deal with these issues. :)

  3. Missy David Birth Doula

    oh bummer it didn’t go as quite as expected, but i really like this, and i so enjoy seeing you and seth dialogue about this. it’s so great to have to partner’s perspective on these topics. we have found that all of these issues are an ongoing discussion, and we have to evolve as our kids do with our blended situation.

  4. Anna

    This was fabulous! I can’t tell you how much I worry about the loss in my girls’ lives. It consumes me and worries me.
    I look forward to seeing more of these! I love how you both look at each other; it gives me hope!

  5. Rachel

    I’m a huge proponent of real interaction, and this was very cool. Definitely do more of these! Neat to have both perspectives at once too.

    I was 20 when I met my ex, 22 when I had my first, 26 when I had my second and 28 when I left him. It’s been two years and since all my dating prior was as a teenager I feel like I completely suck at this. I overanalyze then under analyze. I feel like I can’t say I’m truly a single mom as it’s 50/50 custody. He is an active father and a bad person but that doesn’t get me more time. So, I have a week without them! That is soon to change to be 3/1/3 Fri-Fri and he is finally paying child support. That said, life is more normal now but the needy and desperate girl I was is now slowly being replaced with someone she used to know. Makes it harder to find a guy just any old place because I am realizing my worth more. Sometimes I am content and other times a wreck. I rarely cry, just obsess. I feel like I have mountains of miles to go before I’m the person the man I want will want back and this leaves me dating down.

    The question is, how can I find the person I so deeply want in my life now, when some days I don’t feel I deserve him yet and don’t feel he would even notice me. Or, if he notices me on a good day when I’m feeling on top of the world (thank god that finally came back this year) I feel like I won’t be able to keep that up because it’s still some up and down. Without a strong partner I feel a little like a table with a wobbly leg. I know it’s not good and I’m strong, etc., but I have lived here 4 years and still am getting to know Minneapolis and it’s not home completely. I so want that person to find home in. I’m worried if it takes too long I’ll become jaded and give up.

    Anyway thank you for reading!

  6. ANON

    You two knew each other a short amount of time before you started shacking up and talking marriage to the kids. And now you wanna be experts on blending families? Really? You wanna start a blog based on all your trials and tribulations because there will be many, and find an income for the biker. From a “bear” to a “biker” in less than a year. From lust to marriage in less than six months. And the most important things to THE BIKER besides his kids, is his bike and MAYBE music. Deep, Seth. Go put on some more black and lay down. You’re just so kool.

    • seth

      Seems like you have a lot of hate inside. Would you like to meet for coffee so we could talk like reasonable adults, or would you rather go on spewing bile anonymously on the Internet?

  7. -M

    Hey – finally taking a peak over here from the mssinglemama blog. Do you have any reccs for books tackling the stepfather’s role? I am a mom & he has no children and is having a tough time finding his place in DD’s life. DD’s dad is in the picture but makes life tough. Thanks so much! -M