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Seth Gray is Founder and Chief Leather Craftsman at Beauty and the Biker where he designs and produces handmade leather goods that'll outlast you. Other, equally important things: husband to Alaina Shearer, father to 4 kids, musician, and motorcycle enthusiast.


“Do you think you’d be able to get into another long term relationship if I died?” She asks, paintbrush in hand, priming on the intricate diamond pattern playroom doors.

“Fuck no. I’m gonna grow my beard duck dynasty long, start chain smoking, and Read More…

The nights are long

The nights are long, but I love you anyway. A line in a song I can’t remember the name of right now because I’m tired. Not nearly as tired as Alaina, though. She hasn’t slept more than 2 hours at a time since Foster was born.

But, it’s a line that runs through my head when Foster wakes up at 3 in the morning. Wide awake and staring with those big, dark eyes. The nights are long. As I put him in the Baby Bjorn or the Sling and walk around the neighborhood with only the creaking of crickets for company. The nights are long. When he’s fussy, but doesn’t Read More…

Mr. Foster Gray

After a breezy 10 hour labor with zero complications, except for the fact that he managed to flip himself in the tub and was born breech, Foster Raymond Gray joined us at 6:02 pm on Monday, September 16th. He is a little miracle and we can’t even believe how lucky we are that all turned out well considering his last minute acrobatics.

A full birth story is in the works, along with some decent photographs. For now, you’ll have to settle for this view from my iPhone on Day 2.

blended family baby

We are madly, madly in love with him and I am on a fast road to feeling back to myself again thanks to being completely pampered by Seth…

Your lucky, lucky and deeply grateful mama -


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