The Story

Once upon a time there was a single mother, who really, truly loved being single.

In fact, she loved it so much she blogged about it (a lot). She and her son Benjamin were two peas in a pod, but it wasn’t always easy

and in her heart of hearts she wanted to find her Prince, but refused to settle for anything less. So she waited.

Until one day when a single dad who was also completely content being single and busy raising his two children, Lily and Cohen,

decided to get himself back out there and post an online dating profile. Through a random OkCupid search he found her. They knew on their first date (truly) that they were meant to be. And then, thanks to the kids who planned the entire thing, they were married just six months later.

In a spontaneous backyard elopement. That story is here.

This blog is another story. The story of their life together. With a blended family of two six-year-old boys, a seven-year old girl, one giant, stinky dog and a motorcycle – there is never a dull moment.

Thanks for reading. We wouldn’t be here without you and hope you stay for the ride.


4 Responses to The Story
  1. Stacia

    Yay! Love it! Except the stinky dog. :)

  2. secondtononewife

    Great to see your new site. Good timing and a nice transition. All the best to you both.

  3. Abby

    I Love the idea of a blog with two points of view, yours and his! and even though you have deserted us single moms (I am kidding) I am still enjoying following your story.

  4. Jess

    Best of luck to the both of you!!