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Iowa or Bust

Seth and I drove to Iowa City this week to celebrate with my little brother who just earned his PhD (in biophysics).

He was pretty excited.

He and his team’s research over the past several years has literally changed the way clinicians test for genetic hearing loss. Pretty incredible and hard to believe he was running around in diapers (last I checked). Read More…


That I love him more and more every day and still feel a million butterflies every morning, every day and every night.

I am thankful for Lily, Benjamin and Cohen and their magnificent wonder. I am thankful for my past because it led me here. I am thankful for Seth’s family because while mine is scattered from sea to shining sea, they are here and have opened their hearts to Benjamin and I as they are so thankful he found us. Suddenly I have another sister, a mother and a father. Benjamin has aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents and we were all meant to be together and everyone just “knows”. You can’t measure it. You can’t see it. But, it’s there. Nothing has ever felt so natural.

I am thankful to be here. In this part of the world and the nation. Sweet, sweet Ohio–with all of her diverse opinions, a melting pot of American culture–where East meets the West, perhaps? We may have our differences but we keep them in check always, as they pale in comparison to what really matters. We are so lucky to be here. Read More…

Hunting aliens

The weather in central Ohio was incredible last weekend. Sunny and 70 degrees. Usually, we don’t see the sun until April or May. On Sunday we took the kids roller skating. All the way up in Sunbury, which is about 30 minutes away (the one near us is a little sketchy). Afterwards, while Alaina and Benjamin ran to the store, Lily, Cohen, and I played Read More…

Learning to skate.

I miss the days when it was just Benjamin and I.

It had just gotten so easy. Just the two of us, with no one to answer to… I could spoil him to the ends of the Earth (without even realizing I was). He could get all of my attention, all of the time. Now, we are a family of five and everything is exposed. My weaknesses as a parent. Benjamin’s behavior issues. All of it is on the table for Seth, Lily and Cohen to see. And somehow, we have to merge our world with theirs.

But we are. Day by day. Week by week. Talk after talk between two concerned parents, madly in love with each other and unable to put a magic Band-Aid on anything. The adjusting continues and I wonder, both of us wonder, how long it will take before everyone just kind of settles in. It has been over one year, but in some ways everything still feels so new.

We are struggling with Benjamin. Read More…

The necklaces are up.

Okay, my lovelies.

The necklaces are all posted in the Etsy store. I apologize that it took me ages.

I am going to wait five days and then order a round of pieces and parts. So, if you want in on the first shipment, please order between now (11/9) and (11/14). As for the rest of you, you’ll have to wait in line.

This batch of necklaces will be made per your order, custom to your preference. 


I am estimating shipping will be 1-2 weeks after you place your order and will adjust if I am off on that time frame. Remember, I will be making them and ordering the pieces after you order, hence the bit of a wait. But, believe me, they are absolutely beautiful little necklaces and worth every day.




You will also see Seth’s beautiful bag in our shop

and keep your eye out for leather bracelets he’ll be adding over the next few days. We are having a blast in our little workshop.

Salmon Suede Clutch + New Leaf Update #2

UPDATE: The necklaces are all up for sale now in the Beauty and the Biker Etsy Shop.

An update on Etsy and the new leaf necklaces…

I was so close. The pictures are finished. And as you can see,

the new new leaf necklace has graduated to completely gorgeous, an amplified version of the first, this new leaf necklace is everything I ever dreamed it could be.

I have been wearing mine non-stop.

I just spent 45 minutes on my first Etsy listing and then, having forgot my password, all was lost. So, I’m giving up for tonight. It’s Sunday. I need to relax, do a little meditation (have you tried? you should) and then watch some X-files on Hulu with Seth.

Because I am guilt-ridden for missing my self-imposed and unrealistic deadline, I am offering up this beautiful Italian salmon suede clutch (found thrifting) as a consolation prize to one of you.

Can you even believe someone gave this away?

Taker it out on date night or girls’ night, tucked under your arm. Do me a favor and don’t try to match it with a thing. This is a beautiful salmon, not bright at all–it should go with just about any color in the warm, Fall family.

She’s almost too perfect to give away. Sigh. But alas, I must. Because I love you so, my beautiful readers. You have my heart still, after all of these years.

Just leave a comment and you’ll be entered.

Also, if you live in Columbus – say so in the comments. I will be picking a few of you to join my friends and I on a thrifting tour of Columbus thrift stores. I’ll be sharing all of my thrifting tips on Saturday, November 17th and I want to bring some of you along. I’ll choose you randomly (same with the clutch winner). Good luck. 

Deadline is next Sunday night at 7:00 PM EST. When, by the way, we will know who our next President will be. Please vote, regardless of where you stand.



UPDATE: The necklaces are all up for sale now in the Beauty and the Biker Etsy Shop.

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