Stay At Home Dad, Work From Home Dad

It was a long week. 7 days that felt like a month. Running an Ohio digital marketing and web design agency. Building a leather goods business. Birthday shopping for Benjamin. Hanging out with Cohen. Helping Lily navigate the increasingly complex almost-middle-school politics of who said what to whom. Working on the house.…

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Foggy morning

It was foggy out there at 5am. So foggy, in fact, the schools are on a two-hour delay. More time to hang out with Lily, Benjamin, and Cohen, I guess. Foster doesn’t really care, except that the “bus time” alarm on my phone still goes off at the normal time. He runs…

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Pioneer Saloon - Nevada

Some darn fine leather.

Seth and I had the extreme discomfort of being in Las Vegas a few weeks back. I hate Vegas. Sorry, World, I’m just not a Vegas girl. So, we immediately sought out the nearest Harley dealer, rented a bike and escaped into the

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Leather biker wallet in back pocket 1

Leather Biker Wallet Prototype 1 & 2

Turns out the Smokey Mountains are “smokey” because they’re This morning I asked Alaina if she could take a picture of the leather biker wallet prototype I’ve been working on. Actually, I asked if she’d take a picture of me wearing it. Really only needed three shots: wide, closeup, and…

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handmade leather briefcase made in USA

The Christmas tree hunt

Last Sunday, we load up the kids and set off in search of a Christmas tree farm. We find one, but, as Alaina says, “it’s a sea of Charlie Brown trees.” We search and search for a tree. The right tree. Foster searches too. Eventually we find one, cut it, and

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My littlest one.

This is divine. Motherhood to the tiniest of guys. To little Foster, I am just “mama”. For that, I am infinitely grateful. While this lasts, this adoring love and endless source of snuggles and nuzzles, I will bask in its innocence. As I help him down his first flight of…

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